Friday, June 3, 2011

Autobiography Pt. 16

The Ink Spill Gag
       The "ink spill" gag started with Mike Kaluta coming
into the office with the concept. The idea is to paint a large realistic
"ink spill" on a piece of acetate, cut it out of the plastic sheet and
place on any given surface.
       Kaluta played it on Adams, and the whole front room laughed with restrain. Hero down a small peg.
Neal left for an appointment. Wise-guy Mike Nasser took the
pencil drawing of superman flying (See NEAL ADAMS TREASURY V2) and placed it in the overhead projector. He carefully traced the art (and did it very well), then he placed the plastic "spill" over the art and traced the remaining outline. Then he filled in the splotch mark with ink and placed it on Neal's
desk, placing the plastic "spill" exactly over the "real" one. Neal
returned to his desk and said "Ha! I've already seen this joke!" and moved the plastic splotch away to discover a real one. You should have seen the look on his face!
       Your heroes pee their pants just like you do.
This started a very involved practical joke war between
the two which included Neal disassembling Mike's drawing board and reassembling it in the phone-booth-sized bathroom.

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