Sunday, June 5, 2011

Autobiography Pt. 33

    One of the strangest incidents of my adventures in Bettymania occurred during  the premier of THE BETTY PAGES ANNUAL V1 at the Golden Apple Bookstore  in August of 1992.
    Pretty gils, but none of them were Bettie Page. Black bangs most of the time, but no Bettie Page. Sorry ladies, after all who is?
    Anyway, in conjunction with the book debut, Mr. Schapiro added a “look-Alike contest with my blessing.
    The place was packed.
    Video cameras turning, fans breathing hard.
    And to me, it was just a passing moment. I meant so much to them, on a very personal level, but to me it was just “time in.”
    Something I had to do to keep up my lifestyle.
    Yea it was fun to be a star. Yes it was fun to have pretty girls try to pass you their room-key and  whisper “Nine o’clock.”
    Lady, I’m a Married man!
    They didn’t know me. They knew my fame/public image. And doing girls because they don’t know you, but are impressed by what you do is just the worst. They had an agenda that didn’t meet mine.
    And, I never did, but it was great fun being asked. Means you’re desired for whatever reason.
       And that’s close enough.
       Antway, this guy has waited in a very long kine to get me to sign hi Annual. And it’s more dub for me to do it than you will ever have getting it.
       He mumbled something about having see Bettie and I encouraged him to repeat it.
       The very wound-uo guy got me wound-up too. Two hearts racing.
       So, once the end thing is over, I scan for the nerviuos guy, but he’s gone.
       I should have known.       So close to the real Bettie, in Lost Angeles, and yet so far.
       I gritted a lot of teeth, most of which are plastic, and chalked it off.
       A pretty god day otherwise.

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